Life is Hard — An Introduction

Life is Hard — An Introduction

Life is hard. But it is simple. We, humans, tend to make it complicated. Why? Because we blindly follow our fears. We follow shame, guilt, anxiety, embarrassment, even when they're not justified. We follow all those negative emotions. Or more precisely, we're trying to avoid them at all costs. But this is a very short... Read More
Getting Better Takes Time

Getting Better Takes Time

You cannot learn to juggle in one hour. You cannot learn to play guitar in one day. And you cannot learn to ride a bicycle in one week. Ok maybe you can. Maybe it's just me who suck. Or maybe you're a genius. But the truth is, for normal people—and by normal people I mean... Read More
Kill the SHOULDs

Kill the SHOULDs (and Chill Out)

I've been the King of SHOULDs for many years. Wait. Before you applaud let me get this straight: this is not a good thing. You see, I had SHOULDs for everything. I had SHOULDs for what I should do, like today, tomorrow, in the coming months, or for the next decade. And for my whole... Read More

Why You Should Never Take Anything Personally

You shouldn't take things personally. Never, ever. Ever, never. And I'm gonna tell you why. But first, I'll tell you why I did take every single little thing personally for so many years, and, if you can relate, maybe why you might be doing it too. STARTING LIFE WITH A WRONG BELIEF My mom was... Read More
The Real Definition of Selfishness

The Real Definition of Selfishness

While I gently press the trackpad of my MacBook Air with 3 of my delicate fingers, a popup comes out of magic powder and delivers the following message: selfishness |ˈselfiSHnis| noun the quality or condition of being selfish: an act of pure selfishness. Oh. Thank you. That was very useful. You asshole program. Well, the... Read More

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